ON AND OFF THE SHELVES: I wish my job didn’t involve bathrooms as much as it does.

But facilities — including bathrooms — are a big part of what Albany’s libraries provide to the community. And a week doesn’t go by without me getting an email from a member of the public about a building issue.

We often talk about the library as “the third place” — a shared, neutral meeting space in the community — that isn’t home or work, where you can socialize, study, read, learn, participate, or just simply be. And here in Albany, we’re lucky to have seven of these wonderful third places in the form of our neighborhood branches — all full of people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

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Published by Scott C. Jarzombek

I’m a nonprofit executive with an interest in community relations. I am continually looking for ways to improve communication among employees and stakeholders. A natural leader who is willing to change elevations to move the mission along, I am also comfortable letting my staff take the lead. In my ten years of library administration, I have shown a knack for project management, internal structure, and finances. I also have a deep understanding of how technology can improve organizations, as well as the lives of the people they serve. I am always researching new ways to encourage employees to meet, communicate, and come to decisions. I enjoy working with the media and the public, and always looking for new avenues and channels of communication. I never shy away from a moment to promote the organization for which I work.

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