ON AND OFF THE SHELVES: Never be afraid of failure

In 2014 my father was posthumously inducted into the New York State Stock Car Hall of Fame in Saratoga. I typically don’t attend such events. However, my aunt could not make the trip and did not want my uncle to go alone. Since it was in Saratoga, I drew the shortest straw. My uncle is not a fan of public speaking, but he is a big fan of making me sweat. So, as we walked into the Saratoga Automobile Museum he looked at me, gave me his patented smirk (he has 6 actual patents, this one is fictional), and said,”You’re going to give his induction speech.”

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Published by Scott C. Jarzombek

I’m a nonprofit executive with an interest in community relations. I am continually looking for ways to improve communication among employees and stakeholders. A natural leader who is willing to change elevations to move the mission along, I am also comfortable letting my staff take the lead. In my ten years of library administration, I have shown a knack for project management, internal structure, and finances. I also have a deep understanding of how technology can improve organizations, as well as the lives of the people they serve. I am always researching new ways to encourage employees to meet, communicate, and come to decisions. I enjoy working with the media and the public, and always looking for new avenues and channels of communication. I never shy away from a moment to promote the organization for which I work.

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